Courtesy: Spondi

You’ve done souvlaki and tried a traditional taverna. Now treat yourself to the ultimate fine dining in Athens at these famous Michelin-starred restaurants.

By Kimon Frangakis

Pelagos, 1 Michelin Star

Chef: Luca Piscazzi

Martinis with essential oils, not stirred.

Courtesy: Pelagos

The main event.

Courtesy: Pelagos

Soil, 1 Michelin Star

Chef: Tassos Mantis

Simplicity meets luxury in Soil's pebble stone back yard.

Courtesy: Soil Restaurant

A Michelin Green Star for Soil's farm-to-table approach.

Courtesy: Soil Restaurant

CTC, 1 Michelin Star

Chef: Alexandros Tsiotinis

Like serving up a painting.

Courtesy: CTC

Grab a glass of wine and enjoy a Michelin-star meal.

Courtesy: Varoulko

Varoulko, 1 Michelin Star

Chef: Lefteris Lazarou

After decades at the top of his game, Lazarou’s most famous dish—calamari al pesto on a nest of crispy potatoes—remains on the menu, alongside new recipes that he presents with bravado. Outstanding appetisers include the poached egg with smoked eel and potato mousse. The sweet and savoury combination of fatty fish fillets on thin sourdough toast with pea puree, smoked aubergine mousse, tomato and carrot jam is a “tartine” you could happily snack on for the rest of your life. The cuttlefish risotto is also a must-try dish in Athens. 

If it’s your first time at Varoulko (or indeed Greece), we recommend you choose from the catch of the day (ask your waiter for advice, if you’re not sure about local fish species). Enjoy your fish with bitter wild greens dressed in a heartbreakingly simple emulsion of the best olive oil and freshest lemon juice.

"Varoulko boasts three floors indoors and arguably the best outdoor seating the little port has to offer, almost touching the boats." 

This summer terrace sets the perfect stage for a Michelin-star meal.

Courtesy: Spondi

Spondi, 1 Michelin star

Chef: Angelos Lantos 

From the fish selection, we recommend the turbot with corn, sesame, shimeji mushrooms and yuzu citrus, a tour de force of stealthy elegance. And being French at heart, Spondi has always offered  the best foie gras in town—whether it’s the preserved version with spices, chocolate and orange, or pan fried fresh with chervil root, Jerusalem artichoke, chestnut and coffee consommé. The desserts here are consistently among the best in Athens—if not the best. We suggest you try more than one in mini portions. 

The service at Spondi is up to Parisian standards, even though the cult maitre d’ Nikos Retelas, who had the gravitas of a vintage Christopher Lee, sadly retired recently. Ask for the alluring sommelier Miss Giovanna Lykou and don’t be afraid to taste some excellent Greek wine with your world class dishes.

"Spondi offers a truly knowledgeable, sophisticated cuisine presented with confidence, noblesse and—dare we say—humility."

Starry views to match the food.

Courtesy: Hytra

Hytra, 1 Michelin star

Chef: Giorgos Kataras

The kitchen’s philosophy—innovative yet earthy, whimsical yet unpretentious—is best illustrated in one of their desserts: a delicate white chocolate mousse with tangy yoghurt crumble, mint and a dollop of refreshing pea ice cream. Adjacent to the restaurant is Hytra Apla (it means simple in Greek), with equally exciting design but a more informal and less pricey menu. Fun dishes include a Greek hot dog, a quinoa salad with pickled wild baby artichoke, and a €9 gourmet mac and cheese. 

"Hytra’s cuisine is influenced by the Scandinavian avant-garde. Case in point: a menu studded with rare foraged and fermented vegetables, herbs and fruit."

We'd love to dig into this pasta pile.

Courtesy: Botrini’s

Botrini’s, 1 Michelin Star

Chef: Hector Botrini