You’ve done souvlaki and tried a traditional taverna. Now treat yourself to the ultimate fine dining in Athens. These famous restaurants in Athens all have Michelin stars.

By Kimon Frangakis


This summer terrace is the perfect spot for a Michelin-star meal.

Photo: Spondi

"Spondi offers a truly knowledgeable, sophisticated cuisine presented with confidence, noblesse and—dare we say—humility."

Funky Gourmet is at the forefront of Greek molecular gastronomy.

Photo: Funky Gourmet

Funky Gourmet


The food and the views are worthy of stars.

Photo: Hytra

"Hytra’s cuisine is influenced by the Scandinavian avant-garde. Case in point: a menu studded with rare foraged and fermented vegetables, herbs and fruit."

We'd love to dig into this pasta pile.

Photo: Botrini’s



Grab a glass of wine and enjoy a Michelin-star meal.

Photo: Varoulko

"Varoulko boasts three floors indoors and arguably the best outdoor seating the little port has to offer, almost touching the boats."