You’ve done souvlaki and tried a traditional taverna. Now treat yourself to the ultimate fine dining in Athens. These famous restaurants in Athens all have Michelin stars.

By Kimon Frangakis


Photo: Spondi

"Spondi offers a truly knowledgeable, sophisticated cuisine presented with confidence, noblesse and—dare we say—humility."

Photo: Funky Gourmet

Funky Gourmet


Photo: Hytra

"Hytra’s cuisine is influenced by the Scandinavian avant-garde. Case in point: a menu studded with rare foraged and fermented vegetables, herbs and fruit."

Photo: Botrini’s


  1. 24b Vassileos Georgiou B. Avenue, Halandri, 152 33
  2. +30 210 685 7323
  3. Website


Photo: Varoulko

"Varoulko boasts three floors indoors and arguably the best outdoor seating the little port has to offer, almost touching the boats."