Getting to know Athens is one thing. Knowing how to Athens, is a whole different story; one written in charming detail all over our city's untapped neighbourhoods, street food joints, local artisan shops and intriguing architecture.

By This is Athens & Marketing Greece

Athens as a verb

The Neighbourhoods

Getting to know Athens' neighbourhoods can go two ways: you will either end up with a favourite one or you will come to love them all. Discover the shared similarities and distinctive differences that make up our city's fascinating jigsaw puzzle.

The Street Food

Get the inside track on where to try out the meanest souvlaki in town - hold the potatoes please - or the best pizza slice after midnight. Athens' exciting street food scene awaits.

The Street Art

There have never been more inviting days for street artists in Athens than ours. The city's walls are home to some of the most impressive murals you can set your eyes - and Instagram focus - on.

The Architecture

From the neoclassical to the post-modern (yes, and our famous building blocks), Athens' intriguing architectural mix can be a lot to take in, at first. Let us draw it out for you.

The Arts & Crafts

Your Athenian souvenir should be a piece of your own contemporary myth, not a Greek tragedy prop. Get the lowdown on the city's blooming artisan scene and track down the best concept stores in town.