Thomas Gravanis

Beyond the classical monuments, Athens is an open-air gallery of street art. From local street art stars to global graffiti artists, explore the ever-changing canvas of our buzzing capital.



Potential starting points are the City Hall, or a subway station. Locals are non-paid savvy Athenians providing their personal opinions and not professional tour guides.

Your Locals for this Walk

Katerina L.

I am passionate about the Olympic Games and I also like walking, art, cultural events - and Korea 여러분 안녕하세요!

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Spyridon K.

Digital Marketing Consultant | Destination Specialist | Journalist | Photographer | Equal Rights Supporter | Cinema Reviewer | Urban Activist | "This Is Athens with a Local" Project & Community Manager | "Σπυρίδων Κάγκας" for Greeks, but Kiki for my friends! 

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