Photo: Thomas Gravanis

Graffiti artists have splashed the city with colourful works that often make powerful political statements. We’ve chosen some of our favourites, but as you walk the streets, keep a look-out for many, many more.

By Maria Kostaki

Graffiti of an owl's face on corner of two walls and 3 parked cars.
Graffiti of a dog
an abstract and colourful mural of godess Athena, traffic jam at a traffic light, passers by, day time.
a mural of three caryatids, day time
Graffiti of two hands joined in prayer on a building facade
a mural on a building in a tree filled square depicting two people kissing
a green coloured mural on a building that depicts people on a riverside
graffiti of a green eye on a wall and a person walking by.
Graffiti of a man's head in a box on a building in between two trees.
Face of Socrates graffiti on part of building seen through electrical power wires
Let Yourself Fall by Duo Amazonas graffiti on the wall of Thiseion cinema in Athens.
Faces in Love by Achilles and Onebran graffiti mural on Aiolou street in Athens.