Photo: Thomas Gravanis

Whether you want eggs benedict, Greek yoghurt, or a stifado burger, Athens has the brunch to match your midday breakfast cravings.

By Katherine Whittaker

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Breakfast in burger form at Beauty Killed the Beast.

Courtesy: Beauty Killed the Beast

Beauty Killed the Beast

Bel Ray

A perfectly balanced breakfast at Bel Ray.

Photo: Amalia Kovaiou

What better way to start the day than with a stack of pancakes?

Courtesy: Nikos Maliakos


Me Kolonaki

Boiled salad is the way to go at Me Kolonaki

Courtesy: Me Kolonaki

A perfect eggxample of Hippy3's brunch game.

Courtesy: Hippy3



An urban culinary experience as IT should be.

Courtesy: IT Restaurant

Come to Queen Bee to satisfy your croissant cravings.

Courtesy: Queen Bee

Queen Bee

Ohh Boy

Ohh Boy's got the [baked] goods.

Courtesy: Ohh Boy

Live gypsy jazz over breakfast food? We're there.

Photo: Thomas Gravanis


Frater and Soror

Frater and Soror serves up plenty of Instagram-worthy brunch goodness.

Courtesy: Frater & Soror