Courtesy: Feyrouz

Who better to spill the "fasolia"—or beans—on where to dig into the tastiest Thai, Japanese and even Kurdish cuisine in Athens than a local food editor?

By Fotis Vallatos

Things are looking spicy at Rouan Thai.

Courtesy: Rouan Thai

This tiny space is almost always full.

Photo: Amalia Kovaiou

We like bao buns and we cannot lie.

Courtesy: Mr Pug

It doesn't get better than Sushimou.

Courtesy: Sushimou

For yakitori, Birdman is the place to go.

Courtesy: Birdman

We could eat this lahcmacun every day.

Courtesy: Feyrouz

Another reliable spot for cheap and tasty lahmacun is Kebab to Rodi, in the off-the-beaten-track, working-class neighbourhood of Sepolia. Locals make the pilgrimage here for exceptional Armenian cuisine, especially the grilled kebabs. Rodi means pomegranate, an ingredient that features heavily on the menu: order the aubergine rolls, a delicious blend of walnuts, tomato and bulgur, wrapped in aubergine and sprinkled with pomegranate seeds.

Meat cooking on a skewer at Mikra Asia.

Courtesy: Mikra Asia