Photo: Thomas Gravanis

The most famous Athenian neighbourhood of Plaka is definitely a top attraction for visitors. Its picturesque streets, historic landmarks and lively shops make it a must-see. Just be prepared for the crowds.

The Neighbourhood of the Gods

Hugging the base of the Acropolis, the area extends from Filomousson Square, roughly at the intersection of Kidathinaion and Adrianou Streets, down to Monastiraki. The best way to see Plaka is to simply wander its lanes, chasing glimpses of the Acropolis between the neoclassical buildings, Byzantine churches, cafes, restaurants, and souvenir shops. The prime sights are, of course, the Parthenon and the Acropolis Museum. But do give yourself time to visit smaller gems that highlight less familiar aspects of Greek culture, like the Museum of Greek Folk Art, the Folk Instruments Museum and the fine private art and antiquities collections at the Frissiras and Kanellopoulos Museums.

Every corner of this neighbourhood is Instagram-worthy.

Photo: Thomas Gravanis


Agios Nikolaos Ragavas

Agios Nikolaos Ragavas dates back to the 9th century.

Photo: Thomas Gravanis

The Monument of Lysicrates is right on a popular café-covered square.

Photo: Thomas Gravanis

Monument of Lysicrates

The Pikionis Pathway

This road isn't as old as it looks.

Photo: Thomas Gravanis

The Benizelos Mansion is the oldest house in Athens.

Courtesy: Benizelos Mansion

Benizelos Mansion