Photo: Eleni Veziri

From farmers markets to family-run delis, Athens is a great city for gourmets. Our resident food writer spills the beans on where the locals shop for artisan ingredients.

By Carolina Doriti

Olives, capers and pickles

Everything pickled in a jar.

Photo: Eleni Veziri

Dried herbs stored in wooden drawers here. Pull them open, release their aromas.

Photo: Eleni Veziri

Dried herbs and spices

Honey and tahini

Grandma's bread baked in a wood-fired oven, anyone?

Photo: Eleni Veziri

It's not only about coffee.

Photo: Eleni Veziri

Greek coffee

Cold cuts and cheese

Cold cut paradise.

Photo: Amalia Kovaiou

"This is the place to try all sorts of hard-to-find artisan Greek cheese."


Cretan produce

Salty, spicy or smoked?

Photo: Eleni Veziri

Go nuts at Era Nuts.

Photo: Eleni Veziri

Nuts and dried fruit