There is something for everyone at the SNFCC whatever the time of year. Join us as we explore the activities we can enjoy at its beautiful grounds during each season.

By Andromache Kokkinou

How to get there

The SNFCC has a very detailed guide on how to reach the site offering many different options, so all you have to do is click here.


‘Tis the Season to be Merry

As the days get colder and shorter (not too cold or short, you're in Athens after all), the SNFCC dons its illuminated finery and transforms itself into Christmas World. You might find yourself skating on the Canal ice rink, racing to the finish line of the first run of the year, or having a dreamy date at a Michelin-starred restaurant.

fireworks over a big building complex, night-time
people at the starting line of a race, night-time
children skating on an ice rink, christmas-lit trees in the background, night-time
the bar of a michelin-starred restaurant similar to a rock-formation, beige colours, four pillars,


In Full Bloom

Spring calls for regeneration. Outdoor activities sprout left and right all over the SNFCC grounds: the Mediterranean Garden blossoms and exhales its rich aromas, new world-famous art adorns the Esplanade, cyclists take long rides to the seaside and back, and people of all ages dance to the beat of open-air parties.

a giant spider installation in an esplanade of a complex, a canal in the picture
people doing yoga exercises at the steps of a building, a city in the background
people gathered on a great lawn, a stage resembling a boom box where a dj plays music
a photo of vegetation, planted turnips in a park-like garden
two women passing in front of a banner that reads "wow - women of the world festival athens", white tents in the background


Summertime Glory

Children happily cycle along the Canal, while teenagers set up their loudspeakers and break into spontaneous dance by the water. Moviegoers make their way up the artificial hill to the Great Lawn and spread their picnic blankets in front of the big screen. Afternoons are filled with crowds eager to watch their favourite musicians perform live. Welcome to summer at the SNFCC.

a woman playing the keys performing in front of a crowd, shot from behind
people sitting on the grass in a park, a film playing on a big screen
people sitting along a man-made canal in a park, night-time, full moon and an eclipse in the sky
people kayaking in a man-made canal in front of a contemporary structure
a woman in black biking in front of a man-made canal, people in the picture walking, trees


A buzzing hub of creativity

Autumn is here, gently nudging us towards new beginnings, and the centre offers a serene haven for both work and play. Whether you're looking for a quiet productive workspace, a cosy corner to read or music festivals to draw you into their orbit, the SNFCC has something for everyone in autumn.

two girls sitting on the floor againsta orange chairs, working on their laptops
a band performing on stage under a dome-like structure, green and purple lighting
an orchestra performing on a stage
a photo of a tactile map being used
people running in front of a contemporary structure