Photo: Georgios Makkas

Once associated with immigrants, hookers, and hustlers, Keramikos is reinventing itself as the new gallery and gourmet quarter of Athens. Gallery owner and art consultant Rebecca Camhi shows you around Keramikos.

Rebecca Camhi moved to Keramikos in 2008, long before the gentrification of this gritty, graffiti-lined neighbourhood kicked in. She lives in a sky-blue townhouse that doubles as a gallery and design shop, selling one-of-a-kind ceramics, jewellery, kaftans and cushions. “The area is changing rapidly,” says Camhi. “It’s full of incredible abandoned buildings that are ripe for restoration.” Slowly, these derelict houses and mid-century apartments are being converted into galleries, workshops, bars and restaurants, popping up among the Egyptian hookah bars, no-frills Cretan meze joints, and Chinese grocers. “Visiting artists love the area,” says Camhi. “It’s fresh and different, edgy, scruffy, and even a little seedy in parts, not so exposed to tourists. It’s also one of the most diverse neighbourhoods in Athens, opening up an exciting new chapter in the city’s history.”

The Breeder is just one of many cool galleries to explore in Keramikos.

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Seychelles is always a good choice for great food.

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Get your fill of spicy food over at Tamarind.

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Take a dance class with a view.

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Need groceries? Stock up here.

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Sto Vathos Kipos

San Francisco

For sandwiches, don't skip To San Francisco.

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The entrance to Latraac.

Photo: Thomas Gravanis

Latraac Skate Park