Courtesy: Alekos Fassianos Estate

Follow fantastic birds and Ancient Greek cupids around Athens, as we explore the city through the work of Greek artist Alekos Fassianos.

By Kiriakos Spirou

The Fassianos Universe

The great Greek artist Alekos Fassianos.

Courtesy: Louisa Nicolaidou / Courtesy of Alekos Fassianos Estate

"Phryne with birds," 1986

Courtesy: Alekos Fassianos Estate

A Total Artistic Worldview

Fassianos employed his signature style to his sculptures as well.

Photo: Paris Tavitian / Courtesy of Alekos Fassianos Estate

Fassianos also designed marvellous pieces of furniture.

Courtesy: Alekos Fassianos Estate

Public Art by Alekos Fassianos you Can Visit

In terms of public space, Fassianos has had several opportunities to embed his ideas within the urban environment, thanks to commissions he received over the years for public sculptures. Most of these commissions resulted in artworks, sculptures and murals that are now part of the city and the flow of life on its streets. Others are functional in nature, much in the vein of his Anarchi Poli ideations. Here’s a list of public artworks by Alekos Fassianos in Athens.

a wooden door with two colourful paintings.
a large-scale artwork in a metro station, people passing by.
a bronze scuplture of a rider, a church at the background.
an atrium with a large-scale installation of birds.
a blue bench next to the entrance of a museum.