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New activities launched for 2022 by Athens Walking Tours

Spring is loading and along with it, we are loading and empowering our tour portfolio with brand new and exciting experiences for a brilliant 2022 season. Even if it is still risky to make forecasts for the summer ahead, the omens are auspicious, and we have been meticulously planning unique activities that will sweep our guests off their feet.

Our main focus remains on safety, with health protocols, contactless procedures as much as possible, and of course, small groups. After taking into account our guests' needs and requests, we have designed two new tours we are particularly proud of.

The first experience is called Acropolis & Athens Highlights with food tasting. It lasts 4 hours and wonderfully pairs ancient history with contemporary gastronomy. Our guests will have the opportunity to see and learn about some of the most world-renowned monuments while delving into the brilliance of Greek cuisine. Glorious landmarks, historical fun facts, and myths, along with authentic delicacies fresh from the carefully selected eateries in the bustling area of Psirri and Monastiraki. We certainly hope that our visitors won't be able to think of anything better for a combined, all-inclusive local experience.

Our other new experience is the Athens Top Attractions & Mythology Tour. Within 3 hours, our guests will be amazed by a comprehensive tour to the Acropolis combined with lesser-known Athenian sites and monuments, all combined with fables, and legends that will introduce them to the extraordinary world of Greek mythology.

Let us hope that as the new season is blooming, 2022 will compensate for the last two demanding years that tested everyone's patience and endurance. Athens Walking Tours managed not only to survive but also to thrive with the hard work and determination of all our workmates. We are thankful, and remain hopeful and prepared to meet any challenges, always aspiring to the good moments. May our country have a spectacular summer ahead!


Athens Walking Tours was founded in 2004 out of a demand for small group city tours that would offer a unique guest approach compared to existing sightseeing tours. Since then we have been welcoming visitors to Greece with innovative and memorable tour programs and activities.  Each and every single tour has been carefully designed by experts. All our guides are local, licensed, and share one common trait; they love their job and share their wealth of knowledge about Greece in a friendly and informative manner.

We operate small group historical walking tours in Athens that include most of the major attractions, as well as culinary tours, such as our Athens Food Tour, our Cooking Lessons, and our Wine Tasting Tours. All of them offer the visitor of Athens a unique, enriching, and all-encompassing experience of the city’s ancient and historical past together with its present, modern everyday life. We are consistently given high ratings on all travel websites and social media.

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