Photo: Amalia Kovaiou

These family-friendly restaurants in Athens will keep even the pickiest young eaters happy. And you’ll love them too.

By Carolina Doriti

The information provided in this article, including prices, menu items, and other details, reflects the conditions at the time of writing or visit. Please note that these elements are subject to change, and we recommend contacting the restaurant or venue directly for the most current information.  

This family-friendly spot sits under fragrant lemon trees, jasmine and bougainvillea.

Photo: Orestis Seferoglou

Ama Lachei stis Nefelis


Karavitis has always been a popular place for a family lunch in downtown Athens.

Photo: Amalia Kovaiou

If lamb chops are your thing, make a beeline for To Steki tou Ilia.

Photo: Georgios Makkas

To Steki tou Ilia


Pizza will always be a crowd-pleaser.

Courtesy: Cupola


At this wholesome vegetarian café, all the ingredients are organic, seasonal and cruelty-free. The menu ranges from veggie burgers to rice bowls and macrobiotic noodles. Anyone with dietary restrictions and food intolerances is bound to find something on the menu. There’s often a wait for tables downstairs. Instead, head upstairs, where cushions are scattered around low tables. They do fantastic smoothies and juices, and their vegan, raw, sugar and gluten-free chocolate tart is much tastier than it sounds. Right next door is one of the best organic stores in Athens.

These kid-friendly restaurants also happen to serve amazing food for adults.

Photo: Georgios Makkas

Agroktima Regoukou

If you’re looking to escape the city for the day, this farm-to-table tavern is well worth the 45-minute drive or taxi ride from downtown Athens. Surrounded by the countryside, in the northern suburb of Stamata, the restaurant is located right on the farm where almost all of the ingredients come from. Don’t miss their famous cheese pie, roast goat, and just-picked salads.

In addition to great food, this restaurant also has an outdoor playground perfect for keeping your kids occupied.

Photo: Amalia Kovaiou

To Vrasto


Your kids will love the outdoorsyness of this space just as much as the food.

Photo: Amalia Kovaiou


Tavernas specialising in peinirli (boat-shaped pizza dough with all kinds of tasty fillings, baked in a wood-fired oven and topped with melting butter) are a popular choice for Sunday lunch with kids. The best peinirli places are located in the forested northern suburb of Drosia. Eleftheriadis has a courtyard shaded with pine trees for sunny days and a dining area surrounded by windows that’s lovely during the winter.

To Avgo tou Kokora

To Avgo tou Kokora in Avdi Square is a family-friendly favourite.

Photo: Georgios Makkas