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We love Greek food, but sometimes you just can’t take another Greek salad. Here is a selection of restaurants to try when you need a break from souvlaki, from Thai to Italian.

By Kimon Frangakis


This pub and grill specializes in Japanese-style foods.

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"An excellent idea would be to order takeout and head for the beautiful woods around the Kesariani monastery."

Nonna Edda

Indian Chef

Unfussy and understated is the name of the decor game at Indian Chef.

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Why go for one poké bowl when you can try them all?

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Nōa Poké Bowl

Rouan Thai

This place has been everyone’s “best kept secret" for twenty years. Foodies from all over Athens have tales to tell about how they first discovered it way back when only Thai expats and drifting sailors from the nearby port walked through the door. Rouan Thai’s humble but by no means dreary appearance—it looks like a southeast Asian canteen—masks the fact that this is the best Thai in town (superior even to some of the city’s most upscale Thai restaurants; although don’t go expecting street food prices). If you feel overwhelmed with the selection on offer, you can’t go wrong with the excellent Pad Thai. Soup lovers must try the sweet and sour Tom Yum and the fragrant Tom Kha Gai. Don’t forget that the green and red curries are authentic—which also means authentically spicy, so keep a steady supply of steamed rice and jasmine tea to hand.

“This place has been everyone’s 'best kept secret' for 20 years, when only Thai expats and drifting sailors from the port walked through the door."

A bread pocket filled with fried eggplant and creamy hummus? Yes please.

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Ali Baba

Burger Joint

These burgers are the real deal: cheesy, juicy and perfect.

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