Courtesy: Taverna 37 @ Four Seasons

From hip beach bars and star-studded clubs to famous fish restaurants, follow our insider’s guide to the best nightlife on the Athens Riviera.

By Amanda Dardanis

You may find some of the local experiences, places and events featured on our site are not operating yet. Please check ahead before visiting.

Sunset at the seaside.

Courtesy: Ark

Sundowners on the Athens Riviera

If moments in time could be frozen, would you choose this one?

Courtesy: Balux Seaside

Lounge around with a drink, take a dip, lounge some more.

Courtesy: Krabo

Seaside dining in Vouliagmeni

Your Greek Taverna starter kit.

Courtesy: Taverna 37/Four Seasons

Lakeside dining, Athens Riviera-style.

Courtesy: Nerõ

Go bar-hopping in Glyfada

Cocktails are king at relaxed Su Casa.

Courtesy: Su Casa

While Pere Ubu is queen of the scene in Glyfada.

Courtesy: PereUbu

Party on the beach in Varkiza

Join the post-sunset party crowd at Varkiza Resort (but don't forget your towel!).

Courtesy: Yabanaki Beach

Give it a twirl; Amigo's Salsa Night is a blast.

Courtesy: Amigos

Dance until dawn

Bedtime can wait: Bouzoukia is an all-night sport.

Courtesy: Posidonio Music Hall