Photo: Pinelopi Gerasimou

There’s another life pulsing beneath the streets of Athens: one of adrenalin-charged, underground nightclubs that stir only when most bars call it a night.

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Photo: Thomas Gravanis


Russian Disco Meteorit

The first thing you need to know about this long-running basement near Syntagma Square? It’s a legend on the Athens underground club scene. Once named “-40°C”, this was where Athens’ Russian crowd used to gather to reminisce about the motherland over movie screenings and vodka shots. But then it was discovered by DJ duo Amateurboyz and became a shrine for unfiltered, late night shenanigans. The second thing? It only opens on special occasions. So if you’re lucky enough to be in Athens for one of their pop-up parties, don’t miss it.

“It only opens on special occasions. So if you’re lucky enough to be in Athens for one of their pop-up parties, don’t miss it.”

This is one of Athens' most popular after-hours bars.

Courtesy: The Speakeasy

The Speakeasy


Contrary to the fairy tale, the magic does not stop at the stroke of midnight at this popular underground disco in Kolonaki. It’s barely even begun. Get yourself to the front of the queue on the door by going full Studio 54 (you can pick up an outfit at one of Athens vintage shops). Then head downstairs past the gold curtains to an illuminated dance floor awaiting your best disco moves. Another throwback? There’s no mobile phone reception—but we doubt you’ll even notice.

Athens nightlife never slows down.

Photo: Pinelopi Gerasimou


Never turn your back on black at Rebound, the city’s oldest goth club (it opened in 1968 on Platia Amerikis). Having said that, Rebound welcomes party animals of all stripes, no matter what they’re wearing. As long as they’re prepared to join in the punk and darkwave chants under the red and blue lights. Don’t expect cocktails. You go to Rebound for a beer, or simply to dance. Named for the basketball court painted on the dance floor, the club opens only on Saturdays between 1-7 am.  


While at EKEI (meaning “there” in Greek) you are faced with a tough choice: do you want to party ekei kato at the basement (meaning “down there”) or ekei pano ("up there") at the first floor? This two-storey building among the silverware shops of Lekka street in the Historic Centre is regularly packed with young Athenians throwing shapes on the dance floor. It’s especially rammed on Saturday nights when “Issues”, a weekly club night, takes place on both floors with trap, hip-hop and EDM anthems.

“This two-storey building hidden among silverware shops is packed with young Athenians throwing shapes on the dance floor.”

These basement dives are where you somehow wind up at 4 am for that ‘one last drink.’

Photo: Pinelopi Gerasimou


“You are what you dance”, reads the neon screamer over the DJ booth at Skullbar. You’ll find this infamous Athens dance club that never closes in the graffiti-lined streets of Exarchia. Look for the skull-shaped sign above a black door. People pitch up in this basement at 8 am on a Sunday, after an all-night bar crawl across Athens. Or fresh from a good night’s sleep and craving a boogie with their morning coffee.