There’s so much more to the Athens art world than ancient statues and archaeological museums. The city’s contemporary art scene is gaining international attention and acclaim.

By Kiriakos Spirou

Courtesy: Atopos CVC

Atopos CVC

The Asklipiou Cluster

Somewhere around the intersection of Asklipiou and Kallidromiou streets, three new art spaces have unintentionally grouped together. A-DASH (open during events or by appointment) is an artist-run residency founded by an Icelander, a Swiss, a Brit and a Greek that also hosts talks, performances and exhibitions by young artists. Just across the street, theatre director Vassilis Noulas and visual artist Kostas Tzimoulis (a.k.a VASKOS) have turned a small apartment into a project space named simply Asklipiou 99 (open during events or by appointment) where they present work by local artists, as well as staging their own performances. Half a block down the street, a corner shop has been transformed into an alternative gallery and residency by Phoenix Athens. The programme focuses mainly on graphic artists, illustrators, and conceptual art. 

Courtesy: Booze Cooperativa

Booze Cooperativa


Courtesy: Cheapart

Courtesy: Panagiotis Voulgaris

FokiaNou Art Space

Hot Wheels Projects

This young, British-run gallery has found its home inside an ornate neoclassical building overlooking the Athens Polytechnic. Open Wednesdays to Saturdays and by appointment, it’s a great place to discover new and exciting artists from Greece and abroad, as well as independent art publications for your bookshelf. Opening nights are rumoured to turn into parties. 

Photo: Thomas Gravanis

The Kaïri Cluster

State of Concept

Courtesy: State of Concept

Courtesy: Stoa 42

Stoa 42

Victoria Square Project

Courtesy: Victoria Square Project