Courtesy: Kasseta Records

The vinyl comeback has regenerated classic record stores in Athens and given birth to some new ones too.

By Paul Pervanas

Classic Record Stores

Record House

Half-a-century-old vinyl shop deserves a visit.

Courtesy: Record House

Courtesy: Rock 'n' Roll Circus

Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus

To Diskadiko

Courtesy: To Diskadiko


This classic record store in Exarchia has nurtured all generations of music lovers since it opened in 1983. Discobole deals in new vinyl and CDs of the electronic genre—it was and still remains a highly updated store in the genres of house, progressive, minimal, techno, dubstep and more. But you can also get your hands on rock, jazz and even classical LPs. To keep up with the times and satisfy the demands of its nation-wide clientele, Discobole’s collection can be accessed online via its excellent e-shop.


Courtesy: Zaharias Records

Zaharias Records

Fokionos Records

A crate-digger’s paradise, Fokionos is more of a warehouse than a record store. This basement in Kypseli provides access to a jaw-dropping 300,000 used records. Clearly, there is no need to highlight genres here. But there is a need for an appointment if you want access to this treasure trove. Expect lots of Greek pressings.

Mr. Vinylios

Courtesy: Mr. Vinylios

Vinyl City

This second hand vinyl store in Exarchia is probably one of the cheapest ones in Athens. The owner imports records on a regular basis straight from Chicago and every once in a while he goes crazy on the pricing. You can get your hands on some amazing Latin, jazz, Brazil, disco, boogie and house 12” singles and LPs—most of them in great condition—if you’re determined to dig through the thousands of records. Take our advice and don’t miss out on this little gem of a store.

New Record Stores

Syd Records

Courtesy: Syd Records

Courtesy: Kasseta Record Shop

Kasseta Record Shop

Homcore Synthesizers & Vinyl

Courtesy: Homcore Synthesizers & Vinyl

Courtesy: Underflow Record Store & Art Gallery

Underflow Record Store & Gallery

LoFi Concept Records

Courtesy: LoFi Concept Records

Courtesy: Entropia Records

Entropia Records