The vinyl comeback has regenerated classic record stores in Athens and given birth to some new ones too.

By Paul Pervanas

Classic Record Stores


Photo: Orestis Seferoglou

Music Machine

Record House

Courtesy: Record House

Courtesy: Rock 'n' Roll Circus

Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus

To Diskadiko

Courtesy: To Diskadiko


Courtesy: Zaharias Records

Zaharias Records

Mr. Vinylios

Fokionos Records

Vinyl City

New Record Stores

Syd Records

Courtesy: Kasseta Records

Kasseta Record Shop

Homcore Synthesizers & Vinyl

Courtesy: Homcore Synthesizers & Vinyl

Courtesy: Underflow Record Store & Art Gallery

Underflow Record Store & Gallery

LoFi Concept Records

Courtesy: LoFi Concept Records

Courtesy: Entropia Records

Entropia Records