Athens in the News

Perché Atene è uno dei centri creativi più all’avanguardia

Il Sole 24 Ore

By Nicola Zanella

Si sta riscattando dopo anni di crisi economica dventando un hub creativo che attira artisti e risorse da tutta Europa: ecco i protagonisti del momento.

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Even If You're Not A Tourist, This European City Wants You To Visit


By Christopher Elliott

One European city, in particular, is going to great lengths to erase the lines between leisure travelers, business travelers, meeting delegates — and even local visitors. 

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Athens, Beyond the Classics

enRoute, Air Canada

By Rebecca Hall

The many hidden bars, regenerated gasworks and rich street‑art culture make Athens stand out as a place that successfully interweaves the ancient past with a contemporary European city.

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Athens city break: hedonism with a dash of history

The Times

 By Nick Redman

 After dark, en route to a downtown bar, I turn an alley corner and inhale the sweetest aroma: emitted by bitter-orange trees, it could be bottled and sold by Hermès or Bulgari.

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Not just antiquities: Greece is becoming the ultimate vacation for the contemporary art lover

The Toronto Star

By Anastasia Miari

Opened this summer, the industrial space in an overlooked part of central Athens has been transformed by NEON... It’s just one sign that Greece, better known for its abundance of antiquities, is becoming a destination for contemporary art, too.

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Athens working toward sustainable tourism by commissioning destination assessment in partnership with GSTC

Travel Daily News

By Vicky Karantzavelou

"All of this is part of a strategy that gives emphasis to our urban lungs by reviving the city's greenery. "

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Athen erwacht

Süddeutsche Zeitung

By Christiane Schlötzer

Wer auf den Omonia-Platz zufährt, sieht die Wassersäule schon von Weitem... zeigt sich der Platz, von dem sechs Magistralen in alle Richtungen führen und die Distanzen zu anderen Städten gemessen werden, der griechische Nullpunkt sozusagen, in neuem Glanz. 

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In Greece, It’s Almost Normal

The New York Times

By Charly Wilder

They strolled Pandrossou Street in their masks, filling the restaurant terraces that line the sinuous alleyways of the Psiri neighborhood as the sun set to share plates of mashed fava beans, grilled octopus and Greek salad. 



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