Photo: Thomas Gravanis

Want to know where the locals go for a beer or a cocktail in Athens? We’re sharing the under-the-radar bars and neighbourhood favourites we frequent when we need a drink.

Indoor eat & drink and entertainment spaces (restaurants, cafeterias, bars, cinemas, theatres, museums etc.) are open to the vaccinated public (at an occupancy rate of 85%). Read more here.

Katherine Whittaker, Contributor

Courtesy: Falaina Bar

Courtesy: Rudu bar. Photo by Fotis Stepas.

Paul Pervanas, Content Manager

Thomas Gravanis, Head of Photography

Photo: Thomas Gravanis

"The mellow coastal vibe means you can come exactly as you are; the urban polish means your whiskey sour will be every bit as good as you’ll get downtown."

Amanda Dardanis, Senior Editor

Courtesy: Avra Lounge

Photo: Thomas Gravanis

Maria Kostaki, Senior Editor

Rachel Howard, Editor-in-Chief

Courtesy: Jazz n Jazz