Vincci EverEden 4*



Name of Room Theater Style Classroom Style Reception Style Banquet Style Area (sqm) Dimensions: Length & Width (m) Height (m) Natural Daylight Boardroom Capacity U-Shape Capacity Hollow Square Capacity Amphitheater A/V Equipmen Internet Access
Aries I3516-20375 x 7.52.45Yes-16-NoNoYes
Aries II3516-20435 x 7.52.45Yes-16-NoNoYes
Zeus I3516-20497.5 x 6.32.45Yes-16-NoNoYes
Zeus II3516-20457.5 x 5.82.45Yes-16-NoNoYes
Artemis I3516-20527.5 x 6.82.45Yes-16-NoNoYes
Artemis II3516-20487.5 x 62.45Yes-16-NoNoYes
Mosaic (Plenary meeting room)24096-18027535 x 7.52.45Yes-100-NoNoYes
Mosaic with corridor incorporated320144-260330-2.45Yes-110-NoNoYes
GROVE 13520--628.8 x 4.73.42No-18-NoNoYes
GROVE 25030--4212.8 x 2.52462.52No-24-NoNoYes