November conferences in Athens: AFEA's impact on conference innovation

This past November focused on the exchange of knowledge and scientific excellence in the conference scene of Athens. AFEA had the pleasure of contributing to a “fully booked” November, through the organization of conferences that prioritized innovation and future practices. 

The month began with the 13th Panhellenic Congress of Hypnology, on November 3-5, 2023. AFEA undertook the organization of the 13th Panhellenic Congress of Hypnology at the 251st Air Force General Hospital in collaboration with the Hellenic Society of Hypnology. The conference explored the complexity of sleep science, covering topics such as circadian rhythms, insomnia, and treatments for sleep apnea syndrome. 

On November 22nd, the 6th Healthcare Transformation meeting titled "Challenges in a constantly shifting environment" followed, dealing with issues such as personalized medicine, biotechnology, artificial intelligence and the Metaverse. AFEA, as the meeting’s organizer, supported the implementation of a unique event in collaboration with IATRONET, where government officials, academics, executives of the pharma industry and health experts discussed topics such as "New forms of medical care”, “Corporate responsibility for sustainable health", "Gene therapies and personalized medicine" and more. 

The month concluded with the organization of the 1st Congress of Psychogeriatrics, on November 24-26, 2023. The Congress of Psychogeriatrics took place at the Royal Olympic Hotel in the heart of Athens. Focusing on critical issues related to the mental health of elders, the conference explored strategies to address depression, mental health challenges in old age and proposed tailored solutions. AFEA, as the official PCO and in collaboration with the Hellenic Society of Psychogeriatrics, had the honor of providing fertile ground for constructive dialogue and scientific progress in an ever-growing field, that of the mental health of the elderly. We would like to thank all clients and partners, participants, speakers, scientific communities, and sponsor companies, as well as all team members that were part of these cutting-edge meetings and contributed to the promotion of Athens as a destination for conference excellence.

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