Innovative Virtual Format for the 27th Panhellenic Rheumatology Congress by CONVIN

The 27th Panhellenic Rheumatology Congress is taking place virtually this year, on December 10-13.  This vital congress will bring together health professionals, stakeholders and patients in order to elaborate the whole range of Rheumatic Diseases. During the congress,  more than 650 attendees will have the opportunity to meet keynote speakers such as EULAR President, Professor Iain McInnes, special lectures, “Meet the Expert” sessions, round tables, scientific papers and many more interesting issues about the recent advances on Rheumatology.

In addition, this year congress coincides with the 60th birthday of the Greek Rheumatology Society and Professional Association of Rheumatologists. Under this perspective, a number of actions and public awareness events will be held in parallel.

The 27th Panhellenic Rheumatology Congress is organised by the Greek Rheumatolοgy Society and Professional Association of Rheumatologists, and by the professional congress organizer CONVIN.

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