ProElectro Company Unleashing Full Force in 2023!

At the midyear mark, we take pride in our multitude of successfully executed corporate events. Some of the most important European and international congresses we supported are the below: 

•    ECIM 2023
European Congress of Internal Medicine
Client/Organizer: Kenes International

•    WTC 2023
The World Tunnel Congress
Client/organizer: Convin S.A.

•    DIP 2023
The 11th International Symposium on Diabetes, Hypertension, Metabolic syndrome, and Pregnancy
Client/Organizer: ComtecGroup 

The AV department and the exhibition team of our company have displayed a remarkable blend of creativity and innovation in their seamless collaboration. Their joint efforts have surpassed client expectations and goals, bringing to life a visionary experience that merges cutting-edge audiovisual technologies with captivating exhibits. Through their inventive approach, they have not only elevated the clients’ brand presence but also set new industry standards for memorable events.

Motivated by our accomplishments, we are committed to moving forward with the same spirit. 

The events we are looking forward to are the following:
•    WCEU 2023
WordCamp Europe 
Client/Organizer: Production Pool

•    ESPNIC 2023
European Society of Pediatric and Neonatal Medicine
Client/Organizer: Kenes International

•    ESOT 2023
The leading European congress for transplantation
Client/Organizer: AIM GROUP International

Stay tuned!

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