New Wine Bar at Megaron - The Athens Concert Hall, by InterCatering!

As part of the renewal and enrichment of InterCatering’s catering services at the Concert Hall, our team created a brand-new Wine Bar, where the spectators after the end of the performances can enjoy a glass of wine with their company. In an elegant and relaxed atmosphere, the Wine Bar awaits the spectators at the stalls level foyer with selected wines from the Greek and international vineyard and light dishes, by the experienced team of InterCatering.

For 30 years, InterCatering has been offering high-quality services and excellent gastronomic proposals, of sophisticated creative dishes from Mediterranean and International Cuisine, for every event. Having served from important international and European conferences, numerous corporate events, majestic gala dinners, to exciting corporate parties and receptions, our company combines expertise and know-how with its deep love for creating and offering quality food.

InterCatering’s team welcomes the spectators at the Wine Bar of the Concert Hall after the end of the performances, so that they can continue their evening in the most pleasant way in a wonderful space, enjoying our excellent services.

The Wine Bar at the Concert Hall is open until 00:30 at the stalls level foyer of Christos Lambrakis Hall, while reservations can be made at 210 7282488. 

Info: (+30) 2108946625| [email protected]  | | Facebook/Instagram: @intercatering

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