Introduction to the new era with CONVIN

CONVIN has proven that it is ready to meet the requirements and challenges of the "new normal". Continuing its dynamic course, CONVIN organized, on behalf of the Greek Rheumatology Society & Professional Association of Rheumatologists, a Live Webinar for COVID-19 Infection, by using efficient and advanced tools and platforms, with the participation of great speakers and simultaneous monitoring of about 300 attendees. 

Focusing on new technologies, innovation and specialized personnel, CONVIN is leading the way in organizing Virtual/ Hybrid conferences and events, thus meeting every participant and sponsor requirement.

Furthermore, CONVIN supports its clients as a Consultant, keeping them up to date with new technologies - possibilities of holding their conferences and events.

On Friday, May 29, 2020, CONVIN participated in a Hellenic Society of Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging Webinar for the future of conferences. CONVIN manages both the HSNM&MI Association Management and the bidding for the 14th Congress of the World Federation of Nuclear Medicine and Biology 2026 in Athens.