Indian Cuisine by InterCatering

InterCatering, wanting to serve the growing demand for catering services from Indian visitors to our country, has developed a partnership with Indi go’s Indian Kitchen team. In this way our company satisfies the creation of authentic traditional dishes cooked by Indian chefs for large-scale and demanding events. At the same time, the experienced team of InterCatering can offer an excellent culinary result with dishes of Indian and Greek Cuisine in perfect harmony with each other by combining distinct gastronomic cultures.

For our Indian guests who prefer the traditional dishes of their country, but also for lovers of ethnic tastes, we design excellent Indian Cuisine menus. We have the traditional Tandoori clay oven for the well-known Indian Nan pies or for the meat that is simmered with aromatic spices. You can try chicken dishes, such as Tikka Masala, the well-known Tandoori chicken or Resmi Kebab, and authentic Indian recipes with lamb, prawns, fish and many others especially for vegetarians. For a side dish, the most traditional choice is the wide variety of rice dishes such as the Pilao or Navratan Biryani which are always a delight.

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