What is happening at Fuga?

Fuga restaurant, an oasis of taste inspired by the Japanese culture and enriched with Italian ents, creates a familiar Mediterranean tasting experience in a modern aspect yet, a contemporary fusion cuisine that excites all ages.

Fuga restaurant member of Trastelis Group focuses on the Italenese cuisine envisioned by the owner Apostolos Trastelis structured based on his perennial experience and his fount vision for excellence. 

The Italenese cuisine of Fuga restaurant introduces its guests to an exciting new culinary trip filled with taste and aromas, with familiar Mediterranean materials like artichokes and eggplants and playful Japanese twists created by the chef Miltos Kotsis. The culinary menu of Fuga explores two distinct cultures, it is not often a restaurant to combine a Western and an Eastern culture bonded by what lies in-between, the Mediterranean sea. The freshness of the Ocean’s treats the plethora of spices offered by the Eastern communities and the culinary artistic approach of the Western societies create a unique gastronomical adventure, that dares guests to embark on an playful journey. 

The restaurant invests in cultural and entertainment. A new initiative has started recently, nights filled with playful soft music that complements perfectly the dining experience, with the hottest deep house & lounge jazz notes. Wednesdays at Fuga are special and unique. These are the Fuga Nights with DJ Dear Quentin, one of the most eccentric and in the spotlight Djs in the Greek music industry. 

It goes without saying that a place like Fuga restaurant with plethora of gastronomical offerings to its customers could not be limited to just a place for dining. 

The restaurant can accommodate every sort of business event in its two distinctly separated areas.

For the lovely summer and spring nights, the doors open to an extraordinary garden, a green haven that excites and relaxes every guest.

Companies choose Fuga’s garden for: 

  • A local micro climate created by the terroir of this astonishing garden.  
  • Perfectly distributed space
  • The custom made and gastronomical menus
  • Sufficient space
  • Warm welcome and efficient service
  • Bar located in the same area
  • The garden offers a sense of privacy drawing the guests away from the city’s noise pollution.

When winter comes the guests are looking for the perfect combination of taste and comfort. The indoor section of Fuga restaurant introduces the guests to a contemporary and sophisticated space with an impeccable view. Guests prefer Fuga’s location for: 

  • Fully air-conditioned indoors area
  • Unrestricted view of Athens
  • Sufficient space for presentations
  • Bar and unrestricted access to it. (Same area bar)
  • Capacity of 70 people to sit down dinner. Over 100 people standing.
  • Well-lit
  • Complete absence of outdoor noise.
  • Privacy
  • Parking

Fuga has been the point of reference for all fusion cuisine enthusiasts, it brings together individuals, incredible gastronomical experiences, the finest selection of wines and unique cocktail creations. An establishment that embarks you on an palate adventure away from everyday troubles.

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