ERA goes global virtually

It has now been one year since the outbreak of the pandemic which affected not only our lives but also the way we conducted our business.  Since the beginning we faced the new reality with pragmatism and after overcoming the shock, we focused on how to adapt.

As a result and having spent one year working with strong commitment on how to create innovate, effective and creative digital events, we managed to organize during last April, not one, but three International Virtual Meetings. The 2nd International Aquatic Mesocosm Research Symposium, the 13th SAFETY GALA virtual workshop 2021 and the 37th IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering

We managed to handle more than 2000 participants from 32 different countries, overcoming the physical limits and offering them memorable and fulfilling experiences. 

The production of those meetings required more 36 hours of rehearsals, a team consisted of 22 technicians, 16 volunteers and of course ERA’s team which for once again proved that, no matter how demanding it is, we are able to offer our clients the digital solution which best fits their needs.

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