DIVANI COLLECTION HOTELS | After Christmas: The Return

At DIVANI COLLECTION HOTELS, we already know how much you’ve missed Christmas. We empathize because we missed it too. For that reason, Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso has the perfect solution for you through a variety of detox programs to bounce back to your routine smoothly. Based on your preferences, it offers daily spa packages so that you can have the pleasure of wellness and the balance of the body and spirit, according to timeless Greek traditions. It also has the biggest Thalassotherapy pool in Greece so you can treat your body to a soothing therapeutic session. The spa programs will guide you through an endless journey of relaxation, with a variety of treatments and spas. Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso offers half, full, and weekly detox programs to give its guests a complete experience. The first steps towards a healthy lifestyle will bounce you back to your routine in the perfect way. Give yourself some time with wellness and relaxation and the best are yet to come!

For more information and bookings kindly visit https://divaniapollonhotel.com/


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