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Clio Muse Tours: 307% increase in June travelers, and the best is yet to come!

The summer season is full-on, tourism has taken off, and the global data reflect a positive upward trend in the industry. New everyday habits and routines significantly affect how we live, enjoy, and travel. After three years, this summer seems to be the closest to what we had before covid-19 entered our lives, and everyone thinks or intends to think that we are heading back to normality.

What does a traveler need today?

Our Q2 results and statistics indicate that more and more visitors choose to explore the destinations they travel to at their own pace, looking for flexible, innovative ways to travel and organizing most of their activities beforehand, leaving time and space to explore the city at their own pace.

Let the numbers talk.

38.310 travelers served since the beginning of the year

15.715 travelers chose Clio Muse Tours for their journey during June, i.e., 307% growth in June travelers (2022 vs 2019)

454% growth in May travelers (2022 vs 2019)

496% growth in April travelers (2022 vs 2019)

404 active products (audio, skip-the-line, combos) in 23 countries and 56 cities

Beyond numbers and stats, though, Clio Muse Tours founders share their message for the future: “Summer 2022 at Clio Muse Tours is the ultimate proof that hard work pays off and that being innovative and thinking outside the box (always with the market needs in mind) is the key to success. That being said, the tourism industry recovery fills us with hope for the future. We keep working towards enhancing the visitors’ experience, bridging technology and culture with frictionless communication with our travelers.”

About Clio Muse Tours

Clio Muse Tours was founded in 2014 to promote the world’s cultural heritage by using modern technology tools. So far, more than 450 self-guided tours in over 35 countries have been created in collaboration with tour guides, museums, and organizations.

Clio Muse Tours aims to generate universal cultural awareness and guide you in every part of the world, utilizing pioneering technology.

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