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Athens Walking Tours had an end of season gathering for all its partners

On November 2nd, Athens Walking Tours organized at the new company premises an evening dedicated to all its associate tour guides.

At the close of a quite unique tourist season, this event was an opportunity to meet again all their partners and reward their excellent services accomplished under the most challenging conditions.

Throughout the pandemic, the efforts of the licensed tour guides and all the employees of Athens Walking Tours have been more complex and more demanding than ever in the past, as they had to speedily adapt to the new unforeseen circumstances, strictly follow the constantly changing health protocols, and most importantly, continue to offer impeccable services to the visitors of Athens in optimum fashion.

This year has been extremely prosperous for Athens Walking Tours. All the historical, cultural, gastronomic and other tours and activities offered daily to the visitors of Athens were highly demanded and successfully carried out.

The hard work of everyone involved managed to make 2021 the year with the most positive feedback on every relevant platform. As a culmination of this effort, Athens Walking Tours was awarded the Travellers' Choice Award by Tripadvisor for the ninth consecutive year. This award is each year bestowed to a limited number of businesses worldwide that consistently receive excellent guest reviews.

The event brought together the extraordinary features of this year's season, its positive and negative aspects so far, and next season's forecasts, while licensed guides were also honored for their long-term cooperation and contribution to the company's success.

CEO and co-founder, Mr. Yiannis Yiannakakis commented that "Although 2021 was a slow starter, it managed to revive our hopes that tourism will thrive once again and that Greece is coming out of this global crisis with a positive sign; at the same time it makes us anticipate a much more satisfying 2022".

Mr. Yiannakakis presented the objectives of Athens Walking Tours to the large team of cooperating licensed guides, he shared facts and figures, the agonies of the last two years, and the promising future prospects. He commented at length on the promising dynamics of the team that managed to have such a successful journey and welcomed aboard the many new members who significantly enhance Athens Walking Tours. The evening closed pleasantly with music, drinks, and delicious food, reminiscent of pre-Covid19 times. 

The enjoyable event was held at the company's new modern offices on Syngrou Avenue, complying with all necessary health protocols and safety measures.


Athens Walking Tours was founded in 2004 out of a demand for small group city tours that would offer a unique guest approach compared to existing sightseeing tours. Since then we have been welcoming visitors to Greece with innovative and memorable tour programs and activities.  Each and every single tour has been carefully designed by experts. All our guides are local, licensed, and share one common trait; they love their job and share their wealth of knowledge about Greece in a friendly and informative manner.

We operate small group historical walking tours in Athens that include most of the major attractions, as well as culinary tours, such as our Athens Food Tour, our Cooking Lessons, and our Wine Tasting Tours. All of them offer the visitor of Athens a unique, enriching, and all-encompassing experience of the city’s ancient and historical past together with its present, modern everyday life. We are consistently given high ratings on all travel websites and social media.

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