AFEA’s Wellness Moments

AFEA has always been very focused on the wellbeing of their people and into motivating their team, to include wellness in their everyday routine. In this very critical period for their lives and the industry and the insecurity, as well as anxiety that Covid19 pandemic has caused, now more than ever the need to breath, and be calm arises.

In the effort to encourage their people to think more about their physical and mental health, they have launched a project called “AFEA’s wellness moments” and have seen amazing results. Through zoom calls, email communication and phone calls, they started a very vibrant discussion on their activities, their hobbies, and things they love to do in their free time. The motivation created from this activity, led to more wellness moments for their team’s members lives from gardening to meditating and from cooking to drawing. Mission accomplished!
Enjoy a snapshot of some of “AFEA’s wellness moments”!