Cospar Athens 2022 was introduced to the Greek public and Media

Cospar Athens 2022 was introduced to the Greek public and media at a Press Conference held on July 5th 2022, at the Eugenides Foundation, only a few days prior to the commencement of the ultimate world event in Space Research, the 44th Scientific Assembly COSPAR 2022, in breathtaking #Athens!

The 44th COSPAR Scientific Assembly, a prestigious conference hosted in Athens from July 16 to 24, 2022, the ultimate event of Space Research worldwide, is considered as the crown of global space research and technology conferences and is expected to attract more than 2,000 scientists from all over the world. It will include more than 3,500 scientific announcements, participation of the largest space organizations on the planet, 8 thematic sections and 12 panels in 30 parallel rooms during 7 full conference days. It will also be one of the first in-person event in combination with virtual attendance in such an extensive scientific program.

AFEA has been the official PCO of the conference since the Bidding process (started in 2016), and holders and scientists of Space Community. Sissy Lignou, CEO of AFEA stated:

"The COSPAR Scientific Assembly 2022 will be an important case study on an international level, since it is the first hybrid conference (physical and online participation) in the history of COSPAR and also one of the first international conferences on a worldwide scale, covering the online participation component, in combination with physical presence in such a large scientific scope (30 parallel rooms for 7 full conference days). We are extremely proud and excited to be part of this important meeting, which we have been actively supporting since the beginning of the bidding process for Athens, in 2016. It is a unique journey and an extraordinary experience. Athens and Greece will have the opportunity to showcase their full potential as a unique meetings destination during COSPAR 2022.”

Α Press Office will be operating at COSPAR 22 Premises at the Megaron Athens International Conference Center on the dates 18-21 July.

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