AFEA CEO reflects on the importance of Mental Health

AFEA CEO and IAPCO Board Member, Sissi Lignou, reflects on the importance of Mental Fitness in our everyday professional and personal life.
Health is the greatest of human blessings” according to Hippocrates. Who could disagree with such a statement, especially in these critical times that the world health is facing today? Physical and mental health have definitely become the protagonists of our priorities, on both the personal as well as the professional environment, and the importance of work-life balance is absolutely trending.
Our ancestors had identified the importance of having a balanced and healthy body and spirit and have specifically preached on the value of mental health, so why should we act any differently? The benefits of exercise on our physical health are widely known and constantly highlighted.

But what about mental fitness and brain health? How important is it to train our mind and care for the body-mind connection?

‘’We can only achieve mental fitness if our body is functioning well.’

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