Narratologies Returns to This is Athens - City Festival: Unveil the Magic of Mythical Athens

It is with great pleasure that Narratologies collaborates for the second consecutive year with the Municipality of Athens in the framework of This is Athens – City Festival, organizing interactive treasure hunts. This presents a great opportunity for local partners and travel stakeholders to experience Narratologies' unique offerings firsthand. Dive into our cultural city games, perfect for team-building events, corporate outings, travelers, or locals of all ages seeking a fresh perspective on exploring Athens. In 2023 thousands of residents of  Athens, as well as travelers from all over the world honored us with their participation. Together we discovered hidden corners of the center of Athens, giving them a new pulse and vitality, which is our main goal, as well as the goal of This is Athens – City Festival. This year, the exploration, discovery and play continues with some of your favorites, as well as new experiences. 

Athens Heroes’: Street Art Graffiti Treasure Hunt

Loukanikos, the beloved dog of Athens who has taken on mythic proportions through depictions on its streets, warns of a very dangerous planned explosion in the city. He needs your help to decode the secret messages that have been carefully hidden in graffiti in Monastiraki, Psyrri & Metaxourgio and to locate the exact location of the threat. Join forces, decode the messages and save our beloved city from destruction!
At the same time, discover the most impressive graffiti of Athens, some of which have won the battle with decay and have adorned the city for over 10 years. Find our facilitators who will give you more information and instructions and become the heroes of Athens!

Amalia’s Enchanted Garden: The Oasis of Athens

Queen Amalia, along with her husband King Otto, rules over Greece. Upon her arrival from Germany in 1837, she established the National Garden in Athens. However, a grave issue has emerged – the plants are withering, and all living creatures are deserting the garden. Investigation revealed that the garden is situated above a buried Roman villa, protected by a magical inscription that declares: “Everything that threatens this household shall be destroyed.” She needs your assistance to break this spell and save her beloved garden from destruction. The fate of the National Garden rests in your hands!
Explore the city's most vibrant corner. Delve into the garden's origins and the diverse array of plants it hosts, sourced from around the globe. Marvel at the artistic treasures concealed amidst its foliage. Our facilitators will be stationed at different points within the garden, ready to lead you through its intricate pathways. Can you rise to the challenge and rescue the garden?

Athena VS Poseidon: The Battle of the Gods

We will time travel back to the ancient times of Greece, when Gods and Titans ruled over the world. A big battle is about to start between two mighty Olympian Gods, Poseidon, God of the Sea and Athena, Goddess of Wisdom. Each God has to offer the city a unique gift to its the citizens. They will choose which god makes the best offer and they will name after him/her their city!
Follow the clues that will take you to the most picturesque streets of Plaka and the labyrinth-like alleys of Anafiotika. Encounter our facilitators, who will discreetly share secret clues with you, aiding the goddess Athena in her quest for victory in battle! 

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