Hotels & Doctors working together to serve Athens visitors? This is Asklepieia’s vision!

Now more than ever people are interested in Health and Wellness services not only in their everyday life but also when traveling. The Health and Wellness Tourism expenditure is growing at an almost double rate than the overall Tourism Industry, making it a very promising market for everyone involved.

Asklepieia believes that Athens has all the potential to play a significant role in this Industry combining its unique natural surroundings and favorable climate with high quality services. We bring together health care providers with hospitality businesses to create innovative and evidence-based services for our city’s guests aiming to attract high end tourists, expand tourist season and increase per capita expenditure.

So, what have we done so far? We have created a network of ~20 of our country’s best healthcare providers in various specialties and ~20 of Athens’ 4- and 5-star hotels who are currently working together to develop and market wellness experience packages. In parallel, we run a 24hour emergency service available to our hotel’s guests to respond to any health emergency for them and their families. We have developed innovative digital services to go with the health and wellness services and ensure a seamless customer experience, promoting ease of use, transparency and quick access.

Is there more to come? Always! We are looking at combined, ready to purchase wellness packages able to be promoted digitally to the whole world through various different channels. We are exploring health services suitable for treatment inside the hotel premises and we are looking to include hotel wellness services (spa’s, massage, aesthetic services etc) to medical treatment protocols to achieve better results and a holistic wellness experience for the customer.

Asklepieia’s business model is based on mutual beneficial partnerships. This means that our services are offered at no cost to our partners, hotels and doctors. Moreover, we are developing a special partner program where the added value of provided services is returning back to our partners. Our proposal aims to bring to our partners new business and additional benefits!

Let’s work together!

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