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The City of Athens is proud to host the Green Destinations 2022 & Future of Tourism Summit

We are excited to share that Athens is the host city of the Green Destinations 2022 & Future of Tourism Summit. The City of Athens is a proud Host Organizer of the event that is reuniting the world for a responsible future of tourism.

Coming up this fall, the flagship event is taking place in person after two years of online conferences. This year’s conference will take place from 26th to 29th September at the Radisson Blu Park Hotel in Athens. Green Destinations 2022 Conference will connect sustainability professionals, destinations, and tourism boards through good practices to support peer-to-peer learning and discover initiatives, practical tools, and solutions for sustainable tourism destinations. 

As part of a collaboration with the Future of Tourism Coalition, the Future of Tourism Summit will also take place on the last day of the Conference. This day will bring destinations, communities and the travel industry together in the pursuit of climate resilience and climate action.

After the conference, on 30th September and 1st October, participants will be able to explore Athens through several field trip options, designed by This is Athens-Convention & Visitors Bureau that showcase the Greek capital’s iconic heritage, exciting present and promising future. 

Albert Salman, President of the Green Destinations Foundation, says: 

"It is a great privilege for me to welcome you all to the Green Destinations 2022 & Future of Tourism Summit in Athens. After two years of virtual flagship conferences, our annual in-person event this year will connect dignified sustainability professionals, destinations, and tourism boards from across the globe in a remarkable setting. Together, we aim to discover initiatives, peer-to-peer learnings, practical tools, and solutions for effectively managing sustainable tourism destinations. With exciting panel discussions, inspiring stories of good practices, and coordinated workshops, we look forward to celebrating our awarded and certified destinations and revealing the 2022 Top 100 Sustainability Stories. Our event will take place in the capital city of Athens; its profound resilience and commitment toward sustainable tourism development and management over the years have made it a conspicuous preference for us. Athen's smart infrastructural planning, perseverance and promotion of intangible heritage, effective visitor management practices, and strategic partnerships with crucial stakeholders are both exhilarating and exemplary. Further, we are honoured to join efforts with the City of Athens, our proud host organiser for the event, in making this event possible. The This is Athens-Convention & Visitors Bureau's relentless efforts and vision in facilitating events with bold, responsible initiatives will spark a sense of sustainable allegiance amongst all the event attendees. Once again, I look forward to welcoming you physically this year in Athens - Let's reunite for a responsible future of tourism."

Jeremy Sampson, Chair at Future of Tourism Coalition, adds:

"Our Coalition's first-ever global summit is a major milestone, and I can't imagine a better host than Athens -- a city that is not only admired for its remarkable history and culture, but is also incredibly vibrant, collaborative, adaptive and future-focused, with demonstrated leadership on key issues like climate change. These are values we share, and we know they will shine through on 29 September. This is also reflected in how the City of Athens has partnered with us, from selecting the perfect venue to engaging Athenian businesses and other Greek stakeholders as hands-on participants in a day focused on collective action and moving away from business as usual. We look forward to bringing local stakeholders together alongside other global leaders and experts as we explore how travel and tourism can move closer to a future that has the needs of communities and the environment at its heart."

Vagelis Vlachos, CEO of the Athens Development and Destination Management Agency, comments:

“The City of Athens has set sustainability in the center of its strategy for a long time now. We strive for a viable future for Athens through an innovative revitalisation strategy and a comprehensive urban management plan. The City embarked on a journey toward sustainable tourism and green meetings long ago. Athens is a city with a social conscience but we have been reinforcing social responsibility and sustainability with several bold initiatives. For the meetings industry, the goal is to invest in building a sustainable city in which big international events can benefit the host community and help create a better future. It is an honor to support events such as the Green Destinations Conference and the Future of Tourism Summit as they represent the vision of the City for the future of Athens and the world.”

This year, Green Destinations 2022 Conference aims to hold exciting panel discussions, hear inspiring stories of good practice, get creative in joint workshops and – as every year – celebrate our certified and awarded destinations and reveal the 2022 Top 100 Sustainability Stories.

Join us for Green Destinations 2022 & Future of Tourism Summit in Athens and be part of an authentic journey towards a responsible future.

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Let's meet in Athens!

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