If you’re a journalist or blogger with a passion for Athens and the inside track on what’s new and trending, or authentic and quirky, you might like to write for us.

Our team of contributors are Athens insiders from diverse backgrounds who are all experts in their chosen fields. From contemporary art and design to live music, street food, cocktail culture and everything in between, we cover Athens from every angle.


Want to share your Athens stories and city secrets? Here’s what you need to know.


Your credentials

  • You are an experienced writer / journalist with a solid portfolio of international publications, or a blogger / vlogger with a large following.
  • You can write fluently in English.
  • You are an authority on Athens. Whether your passion is nightlife or fashion, food or architecture, you have the expertise and contacts to provide up-to-the-minute, accurate content.  
  • You never miss a deadline and you’re committed to contributing regular blog posts.
  • You live in Athens.

What’s in it for you

  • A contributor profile with links to your website / blog and social media accounts.
  • The opportunity to share what you know and love about Athens with a global audience.
  • An international platform for your work. We’ll promote your posts through our social media accounts as well as our destination portal.  

Guidelines for submissions

  • All content must be original and previously unpublished.
  • Blog posts are 600 - 900 words on average. Submissions can include round-ups, reviews, previews, and interviews.
  • The tone of voice should conversational and informal, as if you were showing a friend from abroad around Athens.
  • All content may be edited for style, grammar, length and format.

Vous avez ce qu'il faut?

En 50-100 mots expliquez-nous pourquoi vous etes un expert d’Athènes et la raison pour laquelle vous souhaiteriez écrire pour nous.
Veuillez fournir au moins 3 liens d'articles publiés en Anglais.
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Envoyez-nous deux idées pour le blog. Chaque idée proposée ne doit pas dépasser les 100 mots. Expliquez en quoi cette histoire est pertinente pour nos lecteurs et pourquoi vous êtes la meilleure personne pour l'écrire.