Orestis Seferoglou

Don’t just see the city, live it! Let the locals walk you through unseen Athens. Discover the people and stories that make up this glorious capital, full of colour, contrasts and unexpected beauty.



Potential starting points are the Info point kiosk at Syntagma or the City Hall. Locals are non-paid savvy Athenians providing their personal opinions and not professional tour guides. Masks are mandatory for the duration of the walk.



It was a cold breezy day, a perfect weather for a tour around the neighbourhood. We went to central Athens and were introduced to the sights (museums and architecture of the buildings), the delicacies (food, drinkks, sweets and desserts) as well as the culture of the community in Athens (education, politics, free canvas for grafitti etc). My husband and I truly enjoyed the walk as Danai shared with us the rich knowledge of Athens.

Visited Athens in January 20, 2020


It was a great walk!

Visited Athens in January 8, 2020

Lidia C

We started our walk at Acropolis metro station, went to Anafiotika, then to Plaka (Agora, library of Hadrian), Monastiriaki square, Central Market and ended at the Academia. It was close to a 2 hours walk.

Visited Athens in January 11, 2020

Your Locals for this Walk

Andreas L.

Born in Munich and raised in Athens with a Swedish passport, I’m a passionate urban explorer. I work as a web developer/designer and am interested in startups and all things web and design.

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Alexandros A.

An anonymous face in the multitude, I’m free to probe my surroundings for the clues and hints that may go unnoticed by others. A typical flâneur, I combine the casual eye of the stroller with the purposeful gaze of the detective.

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Constantine C.

Athenian by birth, and a trained architect, I love the historic layers of the built environment of my city.

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Dimitris T.

I’ll leave the ancient / historical monuments and typical city landmarks to the pros and the travel books. I believe that mingling with locals and acting like a local is the best way for our visitors to get acquainted with the Greek spirit. So that’s what I offer you as a volunteer of “This is Athens with a Local".

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Dimitris M.

I love meeting new people from all around the world and showing them Athens' hidden gems.

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Anastasia G.

I am a volunteer at This is my Athens since 2012. Having grown up in Athens, I have a strong understanding of and respect for the area and I am passionate about introducing it to visitors. I am enthusiastic and i enjoy the opportunity to meet people of any culture and to show them how beautiful this city is !

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