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Due to global developments with regards to the coronavirus COVID-19, This is Athens is taking the precautionary measure to suspend all upcoming Walks with a Local. We are doing our best to keep up with this evolving situation, abiding by the safety guidelines issued by the WHO. The City of Athens is in constant communication with the Ministry of Health and the National Health Organisation to ensure the safety of all residents and visitors to Athens. 

Thousands visit Athens every day, but few get the chance to experience Athens like a local. Meet our community of locals and follow in their footsteps, discovering hidden treasures and places of interest.

What do Athenians do in their spare time? How do they balance their careers and personal lives? When and where do they go out? A community of savvy Athenians will answer all your questions and help you navigate the city. People of diverse backgrounds offer their personal perspective on what makes Athens so irresistible and unique.

Choose a themed walk with a local and learn more about each other, as well as getting to know Athens as an insider. Experience the real Athenian lifestyle and explore the places you won’t find in any tourist guides.

Meet our Locals

Meet like-minded people and discover all that Athens has to offer. Our community of storytellers will share the true spirit of Athens with you and reveal all the city’s secrets.

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