Orestis Seferoglou

Don’t just see the city, live it! Let the locals walk you through unseen Athens. Discover the people and stories that make up this glorious capital, full of colour, contrasts and unexpected beauty.



Potential starting points are the Info point kiosk at Syntagma or the City Hall. Locals are non-paid savvy Athenians providing their personal opinions and not professional tour guides. Masks are mandatory for the duration of the walk.



It was a cold breezy day, a perfect weather for a tour around the neighbourhood. We went to central Athens and were introduced to the sights (museums and architecture of the buildings), the delicacies (food, drinkks, sweets and desserts) as well as the culture of the community in Athens (education, politics, free canvas for grafitti etc). My husband and I truly enjoyed the walk as Danai shared with us the rich knowledge of Athens.

Visited Athens in January 20, 2020


It was a great walk!

Visited Athens in January 8, 2020

Lidia C

We started our walk at Acropolis metro station, went to Anafiotika, then to Plaka (Agora, library of Hadrian), Monastiriaki square, Central Market and ended at the Academia. It was close to a 2 hours walk.

Visited Athens in January 11, 2020

Your Locals for this Walk

Yannis P.

I like exploring, sometimes with my camera.

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Thanasis O.

Being made of 60% water, 10% fat and various other ingredients, I am pretty much like each one of you reading this text right now. And just like you, during my trips, I strongly believe that the best way to learn about a place is by meeting its living part: the locals. Born and raised in the city you’re about to visit, I can’t stop exploring it and being surprised by its secrets (and all those still waiting to be discovered). My favourite area is the historic centre, its hills and the stories behind its thousands of years of history. Wander with me, won’t you?

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Nikos H.

A friendly, down-to-earth guy who enjoys meeting new people and experiencing new things. I’m in love with my city, and can't get enough of tasting its splendour as well as its diversity. Young at heart - although not a spring chicken any longer.

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Gregory T.

My name is Gregory, I am 27 and I work as a web developer in a small cooperative. I also enjoy cooking very much and I have worked as a cook over several summers in the Greek islands. Born and raised in Athens, I love the centre of the city. All the action takes place here: the market, the festivals, nightlife, social movements. I love showing the real, vibrant side of the city. The one that the local Athenians experience everyday. Athens is not only about ancient ruins. Athens' recent history too is full of fascinating stories that come alive as we walk through the old houses, the big avenues, the university buildings and the small squares. Join me to see the Real Athens!

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Panos T.

I am a librarian and a book reviewer. I love the city I was born in and I never stop finding new cool and memorable places. I have travelled a lot (Italy, Morocco, Turkey, Florida USA, England) and I really like making new friends and showing visitors the secret side of Athens, by following their own interests; not the famous tourist sights . I speak English well and Greek is my native language. I can also understand Spanish and French but can't speak them fluently. Welcome to my city!

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George T.

I am a Fine Arts graduate who really likes to explore the city and find new things. On top of that I really like to share these experiences. I also enjoy learning about new cultures from visitors who come to Athens.

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