Thomas Gravanis

Stroll around the neighbourhood where you’re staying in Athens and find out what lies within its back-streets and squares. Follow the locals and experience the area just like an Athenian.



Potential starting points are the Info point kiosk at Syntagma, or a subway station near the neighbourhood. Locals are non-paid savvy Athenians providing their personal opinions and not professional tour guides.


Ayala cohen zion

Firstly I want to thank you for this initiation. Niki is a very talented and knowledgeable. Familiar with everything and showed us the little gems of Athens. She was not in Shirley and we had abundance of time. I must say that her English is perfect. Thank you Niki. We look forward meeting you in Israel.

Visited Athens in June 7, 2024

Marian G

The walk with Antonis and his friend Eliana was wonderful. We saw many sights of central Athens, they told me a little bit about Greek history, and we ended with coffee at a lovely outdoor cafe.

Visited Athens in May 13, 2024

Ulrike Goetting-Seeliger

Thank you for this wonderful walk with Sybille. She knows a lot about the history of Athen and declared in a understandable way. Her manner is calm an sensitive, we had a good conversation.
I am happy having decided this walk.
Best regards Ulrike

Visited Athens in April 23, 2024


I am very happy that i could catch this nice walking tour with a local during my first trip to Athens.
I highly recommend these walks to the Athens visitors!

Visited Athens in April 16, 2024


The walk was very enjoyable and we got to explore many neighbourhoods in Athens and have good views of various sites including the Acropolis.

Visited Athens in April 9, 2024


Me and my partner met Magdalina in the town hall at the evenening and she suggested us several walks. we decided to go to Philopappos hill where we could have a great view of the city and a great sunset while having a very warm conversation with our host. Then we went down the hill to her neighborhood where we could have the insights of daily life of Athenians. We got to know about Athens and its people in a beautiful place.

Visited Athens in April 4, 2024


Athanasios was interesting a wonderful host. I enjoyed the walk with him and learned a lot of new things.Euxaristw

Visited Athens in April 5, 2024


Es war ein sehr informativer, netter Spaziergang und Sybille führte uns an schöne Plätze, die wir alleine sicher nicht entdeckt hätten.
Sie wartete auch geduldig, wenn ich die Umgebung fotografierte.
Ich empfehle es sehr jnd würde beim nächsten Athenbesuch auch wieder eine Tour dieser Art buchen.

Visited Athens in March 24, 2024


Absolute recommendation! It was such a lovely walk with Sibylle. She took herself a lot of time and showed me many corners of Athens. The trip ended in a little oasis I would have never seen in the city center. But the experience was particularly great because Sibylle has lived in Greece for a long time and can therefore answer any questions you might have about Athens. Thank you so much once again for this experience!!!!!

Visited Athens in March 7, 2024


We really enjoyed this late winter or better to say early spring stroll through Athens with Sibylle.
Starting at Monastiraki Square we walked through the Ancient Athens to Kerameikos, to the streetart and markets of Psirri and to the Area round Omonia. We finished to walk near Syntagma square.
We got lots of interesting cultural and historical information to the Greek capital, original details and also some breaking news.
Thank you very, very much! Ευχαριστώ!

Visited Athens in February 26, 2024


We had an amazing time, we learned a lot about Greece and Greek culture thanks to him. It was a very good opportunity to be able to meet with a local during our trip.

Visited Athens in February 18, 2024


I must say it was truly an amazing experience. From the moment I met the local guide, I could sense their enthusiasm and love for their city, which instantly set the tone for an unforgettable journey.

The tour took us through the winding streets of Athens, revealing hidden gems and lesser-known spots that I would have never discovered on my own.

Visited Athens in February 17, 2024


While looking for a city tour in German, we came across the possibility of walking through the city with a local. Sybille was assigned to us and she and the walk together became a highlight of our trip. The native German strolled through the city with us, showed us very beautiful places and talked about the country, city and people. We could have chosen locations, but we gave Sybille a free choice. At the end of our walk we stopped at a restaurant where mostly locals ate cheaply and well.

Visited Athens in December 29, 2023


We had a great time with our local! We strolled around Plaka while Katerina shared with us some local stories and details we would have never known otherwise. We visited the unique Anafiotika and heard stories of the neighbourhood and its history. This walk has brought so much value cause we could learn a bit more about nowadays Greece and the everyday life in Athens. It is a great complementary experience to the historial guided tours. Surely recommended!

Visited Athens in December 28, 2023

Jason Lee

I incidentally encountered this program, which has changed my view point on Athens and Greece after the walk with a local. Always, a local is superior to a tour guide or a book of Athens.

Visited Athens in November 28, 2023

William Conway

This walk was a great introduction to Athens on our first night in. Our host Athanasios took us around the key suburbs of downtown Athens, whilst sprinkling in background information on historical landmarks and pieces of antiquity. It was very customisable and we were able to wander past restaurants that our host recommended and mark them down for meals later in the week. Overall a wonderful experience and introduction to this fantastic city, highly reccomend!

Visited Athens in November 8, 2023


Katerina gave us a few options - we chose Kifisia which was an excellent choice; Katerina gave an excellent walking tour infused with her local knowledge of working in the area before. It was great to see a less crowded part of Athens, with excellent architecture and a great vibe. Topped off with a great lunch at Varsos!

Visited Athens in November 10, 2023


The walk was perfect, especially as the route chosen took us through the buzzing city centre of Athens - Monasteráki and Pláka mainly - and revealed amazing views of the ancient sights from unexpected angles, as Anastasios, the local I was walking with, knew all the hidden gems by heart and had the generosity of sharing his inside knowledge of the most beautiful spots in central Athens.

Visited Athens in November 5, 2023


Der Rundgang mit Sibylle hat sehr viel Spaß gemacht und nicht nur uns Erwachsene, sondern auch unseren Sohn begeistert. Neben wichtigen Sehenswürdigkeiten hat sie uns einige versteckte Orte gezeigt, die wir sonst übersehen hätten.

Visited Athens in October 30, 2023

Barbara Costanzo

New parts of Athens - very interesting and good for a bigger picture!

Visited Athens in October 14, 2023


Loved the walk, we went to places I wouldn’t have been if I was just by myself. Very instructive and fun !

Visited Athens in September 7, 2023

Hong Bui

5 stars out of 5. What a fun way to explore and see different aspects of Athens. Thanks to our warm and fun going host Danai, we came to love Athens.

Visited Athens in September 2, 2023


Wir hatte 2 schöne Stunden mit Sibylle. Sie zeigte uns Straßen, Lokale und Ecken, die wir alleine nicht so entdeckt hätten. Es hat sich gelohnt!! Ganz herzlichen Dank!!!

Visited Athens in August 2, 2023


Really enjoyed to be informed about parts of the City by a local, speaking my language, in a very professional, Individual and personnel way. Thank you Sybille

Visited Athens in July 20, 2023


My companion and I were both absolutely delighted with the experience. The themed walk we chose was not only entertaining but also highly informative. We were able to explore off-the-beaten path locations and discover fascinating information that we wouldn't have stumbled upon on our own.

"This is Athens with a Local" is an excellent platform for finding authentic and immersive travel experiences. I would highly recommend this walk to my friends and fellow travelers.

Visited Athens in July 11, 2023

Weihan Chung

She took us to the Plaka, Kolonaki, Syntagma, the School of athens, etc, we covered so much ground. She is amazing!

Visited Athens in May 14, 2023

Doris and Edi

The walk with Sybille was absolutely wonderful. It was our first time in Athens and Sybille gave us the perfect introduction: we got to know many different parts of Athens with her, learnt a lot about Greece and even some Greek. We would surely never had such a good impression of Athens without her. Moreover, she was very helpful and a pleasure to talk to and be with. Time just flew by and we want to thank her again for this experience and your whole team for this offer. We can only recommend Walk with a Local to everybody who comes to visit Athens, especially with Sybille!!

Visited Athens in May 30, 2023

Renate and Rosemary

The Plaka walk that we did was beautiful! So much history all around. I could have spent twice the time there and not seen everything there is to see.

Visited Athens in May 5, 2023


It was amazing!

Visited Athens in May 23, 2023

Gail B.

Such a great walk! We covered so much ground in only two hours.

Visited Athens in May 23, 2023


very nice and easy walk through a fantastic area of Athens.

Visited Athens in May 19, 2023

Tanja & Bomin

We were able to see busy main streets and pass by touristic monuments, but also had the chance to mingle amongst the locals and climb through little passages to a wonderful view across the city.

Visited Athens in April 22, 2023

Heide Klahold

Wir waren begeistert von dem Spaziergang über die Plaka und anafiotika! Alles hat bestens geklappt, vom verabreden bis zum Abschied. Sybille ist die perfekte Stadtführung.

Visited Athens in April 24, 2023


Our tour was a great first introduction to Athens and helped us orient ourselves on our first day in the city. This a great program with locals volunteering their time—would highly recommend to anyone visiting Athens!

Visited Athens in April 12, 2023


Great walk! We got lots of interesting inside views in different neighborhoods. Great overview of the city.

Visited Athens in April 2, 2023


The This is Athens organization and it’s volunteers are doing a wonderful job in showing their love for the city and give visitors a chance to meet locals outside the tourist industry. The Kypseli area was not known to us, but we found it very interesting to learn about it’s history and the recent changes in the area.

Visited Athens in December 4, 2022


This authentic walk with local must not be missed when in Athens.

Visited Athens in October 22, 2022

George and Susan V

We were so impressed with Danai B. She took us to the local areas of Athens that we wouldn’t have probably seen without her. She was very personable and very knowledgeable about the different areas and their history. We went to the Plaka area and to Anafiotika area. We loved them both. She took us to the various food markets and showed us various shopping options. We ended at a cafe that had lots of Greek food. She ordered many small plates of the best of Greece and we all shared them. It was wonderful. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a local guide. Susan

Visited Athens in September 8, 2022


Sibylle was a perfect guide. The tour exceeded our expectations by far. After she knew our interests she changed the route to meet them. We would love to see her again some day.

Visited Athens in August 21, 2022

Tammy McGillivray

We went through Anafiotika which was amazing, followed by coffee and a chat. We visited Monastiraki Square, Athens market, took photos at Alice in Kookland & watched the change of the guards at Syntagma Square before returning to Plaka. Although I had been in Athens a few days I had missed some of these areas and really appreciated the guided tour with a local. I got to see street art and Anastasio explained some greek mythology and gave me an insight into greek alphabet. Would highly recommend this walk!

Visited Athens in August 21, 2022


We did this our first evening, to get a sense of our surroundings on our first visit. We are so glad that we fought through the fatigue and jet lag.

Visited Athens in July 11, 2022


I really enjoyed my walk with Danai. She shared alot of information about the places that we were at, it was informative and enjoyable. It really helps to give me a different perspective of Athens! I enjoy the places that she has recommended to me and my friend too.

Visited Athens in June 29, 2022


Dear Team,
thank you very much for your message. We had two tours with the local guide Dania, once in Vouliagmeni and once in Athens on the central market. It was very nice and we really liked it. Dania showed us many interesting places and things and explained connections. We were allowed to try everything on the market and got to know great cafes. We can only recommend this type of exploration and are happy that we were able to participate. We enjoyed it very much!

Visited Athens in June 20, 2022


Very nice and relaxed tour I enjoyed so much and I felt in the atmosphere of the city in a second! Lots of historic information and curios facts to know! Perfect!

Visited Athens in May 27, 2022


Very nice and relaxed tour I enjoyed so much and I felt in the atmosphere of the city in a second! Lots of historic information and curios facts to know! Perfect!

Visited Athens in May 27, 2022


Very nice and relaxed tour I enjoyed so much and I felt in the atmosphere of the city in a second! Lots of historic information and curios facts to know! Perfect!

Visited Athens in May 27, 2022

Ilaria Milan

Very nice and relaxed tour I enjoyed so much and I felt in the atmosphere of the city in a second! Lots of historic information and curios facts to know! Perfect!

Visited Athens in May 27, 2022

Ilaria Milan

Very nice and relaxed tour I enjoyed so much and I felt in the atmosphere of the city in a second! Lots of historic information and curios facts to know! Perfect!

Visited Athens in May 27, 2022


it was great! we saw many places and learned a lot about the city

Visited Athens in March 23, 2022

Lynn Lotoski

We loved our walk Danai was great!! She was a wealth of knowledge. A perfect way to begin your adventure on Athens!

Visited Athens in November 1, 2021


We got to explore Pagkrati and fell for its contemporary urban charm, thanks to this program!

Visited Athens in October 16, 2020

Your Locals for this Walk

Andreas L.

Athens is the city I call home, although I was born in Munich and have a Swedish passport. I love diversity and I am a passionate urban explorer!
I speak fluently English and German. I work as a web developer/designer, and I am interested in startups and all things web and design.

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Yannis P.

I like exploring, sometimes with my camera.

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Vicky P.

Hi, I am Vicky - Greek but also a citizen of the world: I love my city (born and raised here) and I find any intercultural exchange just amazing! So far, I have met travellers from all continents, but my purpose is to have friends from every single country.

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Katerina K.

Hey there! I consider myself very spontaneous, in a sense that I love to create, reinvent and experiment with new things. I studied and enjoyed engineering and I was one of the three women in Greece in my specialty. But life has a way of changing things so I found my true passion and that is to connect with people. It's amazing how sharing thoughts and ideas, interests or experiences can make such incredible bonds all over the world. I am a collection of the things that have inspired me through my life and those things include my city. Ι believe myself to be a very chilled and open-minded person. I love Athens because it’s the city where I was born and raised and where you can appreciate a contrast of diversity. I like to find the most authentic places of a city. Those places that make you connect with the people and want to come back to them. The Acropolis, temples and museums are impressive, but get to know the way real, everyday Athenians live and hang out.

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Katerina L.

I am passionate about the Olympic Games and I also like walking, art, cultural events - and Korea 여러분 안녕하세요!

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Miltos C.

Having been born and lived in Athens for the majority of my life, I've developed a love for this city. I like walking her streets and exploring her secrets, and then sharing them with travellers from all over the world. I am 24 years old and I currently study Economics. I consider myself a citizen of the world, so I love sharing moments with people from all around the globe.

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