Athens has a long history of LGBT representation. Today our inclusive, diverse city is perfect for a romantic getaway, but also ideal for a single’s night out.



Potential starting points are the Info point kiosk at Syntagma or Keramikos subway station. Locals are non-paid savvy Athenians providing their personal opinions and not professional tour guides.



It was a fun walk, so much to see, loved the local perspective.

Visited Athens in June 9, 2022


A wonderful stroll around Athens. Highly recommended!

Visited Athens in March 27, 2022


super fun! i enjoyed walking around athens with spyridon!

Visited Athens in May 13, 2022


Whether you are a classical history lover or queer or simply a human being committed to human rights, you need to book this walk.

Visited Athens in September 19, 2021

Eric Goldsborough

This two-hour tour began with the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Syntagma Square, with a walk through the National Gardens, past the Numismatic Museum and Garden, the Academy of Arts and Sciences, through the neighborhoods of Monastiraki, Psiri and Gazi. It was definitely a five-star experience. Thank you to This Is Athens for making this program possible.

Visited Athens in March 7, 2020

Your Locals for this Walk

Spyridon K.

Digital Marketing Consultant | Destination Specialist | Journalist | Photographer | Equal Rights Supporter | Cinema Reviewer | Urban Activist | "This Is Athens with a Local" Project & Community Manager | "Σπυρίδων Κάγκας" for Greeks, but Kiki for my friends! 

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Nicole V.

Chemist, PM, MUA, creative thinker and dedicated reader. I was born and raised in Athens, left for 6 years to study in Cyprus and came back. I live in Zografou. Even though I have spent most of my life in Athens, I realise every day that there many amazing places that I have never visited, so I always try to explore this city - my city - and learn new places and things. I love walking around town, taking the train and exploring the areas around the train stations. I love exploring new street food places and tasting local and international dishes!

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