Thomas Gravanis

From neighbourhood farmers’ markets to souvlaki stands and a connoisseur’s coffee culture, let a local show you what Athens really tastes and smells like.



Potential starting points are the Info point kiosk at Syntagma or the City Hall. Locals are non-paid savvy Athenians providing their personal opinions and not professional tour guides. Taste Athens with a Local doesn't include or require food sampling.



The walk was fantastic .. Katerina was wonderful and very informative .. I would definitely recommend anyone to experience Athens this way

Visited Athens in October 13, 2021

Nico Weber

We didn't walk much - physically - but in thought. Because funnily enough, we had chosen a nice place together and had such great, nice conversation that we got stuck there. But we got lots of "ammunition" and tips. A lot of inspiration. We explored the similarities of Athens and Berlin, laughed a lot and ate very well. What a great institution and inspiration "This is Athens" provides. Great. Congratulations on the idea and execution. We will definitely do it again next time and propose something similar in Berlin.

Visited Athens in September 13, 2021


I really liked the walk since I discovered streets I haven’t been before. I learned a lot about Athens and the Greek and tried the best bagel of Athens

Visited Athens in September 13, 2021


I enjoyed my tour with George. It was interesting to learn how gastronomy developed in Athens and find out where to sample different foods.

Visited Athens in October 21, 2020


Very interesting places

Visited Athens in October 7, 2020


The walk was lovely. I got to see places in central Athens I wouldn't have visited otherwise, like the area with Chinese supermarkets and a hidden espresso cafe. I'll definitely be bringing people to the gyros joint.

Visited Athens in October 2, 2020

Daniel Brennan

The walk was beautiful. From the hills near the Acropolis to the squares, it provided a historical timeline of Athens.

Visited Athens in December 23, 2019

Your Locals for this Walk

George P.

I didn't fully appreciate Athens until I lived abroad for a few years. Now I am back with an immense love for this vibrant city and the desire to share it. I ran out of friends willing to spend every weekend walking around the centre of Athens so I thought I should give this a try. A pretty accurate description of me would be a list of my current obsessions which are coffee, sourdough, cooking, cycling and tinkering.

If what you are looking for is the best souvlaki, best espresso shot or the best Indian place in town I am your best bet.

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Danai B.

I was born in Athens and I have lived in the southern suburbs (Athens Riviera) for more than 40 years. The last five years I have been working to bring more tourists to my neighbourhood. Also, I collaborate with other citizens to make the archeological spots of our municipality known to others. I believe that Athens and the Athens Riviera can attract people with different interests. It is very important to me to show visitors the real (and rich in many ways), Attica and Athens.

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Daria U.

Athenian not by origin, but by choice and at heart. Born and raised in Moscow, Russia. Now based in Athens and deeply in love with my city.

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Dimitris T.

I’ll leave the ancient / historical monuments and typical city landmarks to the pros and the travel books. I believe that mingling with locals and acting like a local is the best way for our visitors to get acquainted with the Greek spirit. So that’s what I offer you as a volunteer of “This is Athens with a Local".

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Katerina K.

Hey there! I consider myself very spontaneous, in a sense that I love to create, reinvent and experiment with new things. I studied and enjoyed engineering and I was one of the three women in Greece in my specialty. But life has a way of changing things so I found my true passion and that is to connect with people. It's amazing how sharing thoughts and ideas, interests or experiences can make such incredible bonds all over the world. I am a collection of the things that have inspired me through my life and those things include my city. Ι believe myself to be a very chilled and open-minded person. I love Athens because it’s the city where I was born and raised and where you can appreciate a contrast of diversity. I like to find the most authentic places of a city. Those places that make you connect with the people and want to come back to them. The Acropolis, temples and museums are impressive, but get to know the way real, everyday Athenians live and hang out.

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Nicole V.

Chemist, PM, MUA, creative thinker and dedicated reader. I was born and raised in Athens, left for 6 years to study in Cyprus and came back. I live in Zografou. Even though I have spent most of my life in Athens, I realise every day that there many amazing places that I have never visited, so I always try to explore this city - my city - and learn new places and things. I love walking around town, taking the train and exploring the areas around the train stations. I love exploring new street food places and tasting local and international dishes!

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