Meet Our Locals

This is Athens with a Local is an opportunity to meet new people, visit hidden gems and discover the diversity of Athens. Our community of Athenians will show you around our city, sharing their knowledge and experiences.

Please take into consideration that our local volunteers do not accept payment or tips. They are not professional tour guides. For a guided tour of the Acropolis, or other monuments and museums, please visit the association of licensed tour guides.

Miltos C.

Having been born and lived in Athens for the majority of my life, I've developed a love for this city. I like walking her streets and exploring her secrets, and then sharing them with travellers from all over the world. I am 24 years old and I currently study Economics. I consider myself a citizen of the world, so I love sharing moments with people from all around the globe.

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Nikki Z.

Parrots in Athens? Yep! Feral ones! You can hear their chattering around their bedtime, angling for a good spot on tall trees surrounding centuries-old buildings, through & above the noise of internal combustion engines, & no doubt soon, electric ones.

I’m crazy about cities. They’re my ~natural habitat~ (not just Athens) & I walk most places, because I love to explore: watching the flora and the fauna (animal and human!) scrutinising the buildings & the streets, trying to suss out what makes them tick, what makes the whole thing run as well as it does even when so much conventional wisdom tells us it isn’t or can’t or shouldn’t! How they shape us after we’ve shaped them. 

Little cozy spots & big airy views, the sacred & the profane, the brazenly commercial & the earnestly artistic, I love it all, & exploring an old space with new people just brings new discoveries! Novelty food or trendy hangouts won’t get me out & about, but piquing my curiosity will!

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Athanasios A.

Born in Athens, I am currently living in the Zografou area.     My main interests are: history, art, cinema, music, comedy, basketball,travelling, books and libraries.

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Yannis P.

I like exploring, sometimes with my camera.

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Haris K.

I have travelled a lot and lived abroad, so I am aware that visiting a foreign town is all about its local vibes, hidden in the everyday street life. I am not the type to take you to museums or art exhibitions. But I can get you under the skin of an Athenian stroller who loves to go out and feel the atmosphere of the city lights. Be sure that we will visit neighbourhoods and spots that are not written about in your guides ;-)!

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Nicole V.

Chemist, PM, MUA, creative thinker and dedicated reader. I was born and raised in Athens, left for 6 years to study in Cyprus and came back. I live in Zografou. Even though I have spent most of my life in Athens, I realise every day that there many amazing places that I have never visited, so I always try to explore this city - my city - and learn new places and things. I love walking around town, taking the train and exploring the areas around the train stations. I love exploring new street food places and tasting local and international dishes!

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