Koukaki, is a vivid neighborhood right under the Acropolis. There is nothing striking about this place, it is not picturesque like Plaka and Anafiotika, nor as glamorous as Kolonaki. Yet, this residential area has something unique that makes it stand out as one of the most interesting neighborhoods in the city of Athens.

The neighborhood of  Koukaki, is sprawled at the feet of the Acropolis and Mt Philopappou. Bordered by Syngrou Avenue and the longest Athenian pedestrian street of Dionyssiou Areopagitou, this neighborhood is extremely popular to travelers! Within walking distance of anywhere in the city of Athens, Koukaki offers anything you may need.

Feel the alluring spontaneity of this friendly neighborhood; visit the exquisite Acropolis Museum and the newly opened National Museum of Contemporary Art. Both, within walking distance that offer an excellent dive into the ancient and the contemporary Greek culture.

Cultural cravings satiated, there are plenty of welcoming lairs in Koukaki to while the rest of the day and night away.


Kallimarmaro Stadium, also known as Panathenaic Stadium, is famous for having hosted the first modern Olympics in 1896. A wonderful landmark of Athens, around which sprawl two lively residential areas with plenty of excellent choices, offers more than a good view, to visitors.
Pangrati, south of Panathenaic stadium, is a residential area that has turned into a melting post, a meeting point for young generations the latest years. There you find a plethora of choices regarding street food, impressive gastronomy, traditional taverns and lively bars, serving warmth, comfort and some excellent booze. In Pangrati, there is a park worth discovering.
Mets lies further south of the stadium and has some of the most picturesque streets of Athens. Shaded by blossoming trees, lined with neoclassical and pre world war II houses splashed with the colors of vivid bougainvilleas, this neighborhood feels pretty much like old Athens. Totally worth of walking around for the day!

Image copyright : Vaggelis Zavos  x  Kathimerini


Welcome to the coolest nightspot in Athens! Popular for its bars, this trendy neighborhood caters to all tastes with its countless tavernas, meze tavernas (mezedopolia), restaurants of international cuisine and delicious “souvlaki” restaurants, music venues, fringe theatres and art galleries, pop, (hard) rock, mainstream, swing and retro, gay and lesbian bars and clubs.

The district’s landmark is definitely the old city gas house which has been turned into an impressive museum and mixed-use cultural center. A wide variety of cultural events are held in Technopolis every year: music concerts and festivals, dance, theatre and performing arts, plastic and applied arts, educational programs for children, entrepreneurship and temporary exhibitions, attracting over 600,000 people annually.

The area’s success has spilled over to the surrounding areas Metaxourgeio and Kerameikos, which now boast their share of hotspots. Don’t miss them!


Named after the beautiful church of St. Irini (Agia Irini), the area became over the last few years one of the hottest – if not THE hottest – spots in town! A favorite hangout for the young and the young at heart, it is known for its upbeat bars and street food stalls.

Once home to Athens’ flower markets, today the square and the surrounding streets are lined with coffee-shops, eateries, and trendy bistro bars that will serve you inspiring cocktails and food including breakfasts, snacks, and main meals. On weekends, the area is packed with young people while you‘ll find events and live performances by numerous musicians.

Make a stop at Kosta’s souvlaki place – famous from the 60’s for its traditional souvlaki and meatballs, you should definitely try the delicious recipes!