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Plisskën festival

Plisskën festival

This Summer on 6th and 7th June, a heavy-hitting, multi genre line-up will converge in Athens, Greece for the Plisskën festival - brought to you by the first promoters ever to bring an event of this magnitude to this inspirational city that's seeped in culture, both ancient and brand new.

Graffiti and street art: No Respect

Graffiti and street art: No Respect

The Onassis Cultural Centre is staging an in-house exhibition which sets out to document the Greek graffiti and street art scene as this manifests itself on the streets of Athens and other cities around Greece today.
Each of the forty works on display was created in situ by a different artist, some of the many who responded to the OCC's open invitation to exhibit. The works cover the walls, columns and floor of the exhibition space as well as cars placed within it.
Pontus Euxinus

Pontus Euxinus

Memories from the Greek communities, postcards 1890-1920.

The exhibition presents postcards, photographs and documents from the Black Sea region, which date from 1890 to 1920 and belong to the private collection of Stergios P. Theodorides.

Eleni Mylonas: The Cursed Serpent

Eleni Mylonas: The Cursed Serpent

Renowned Greek visual artist Eleni Mylonas, who lives and works in New York, presents the chapter of her work entitled The cursed serpent.
She draws her inspiration from helmets worn by protestors during the Arab Spring: DIY constructions intended to protect their wearers from stones tossed in running clashes on roads and squares. Paintings, video, an installation and photographs by the artist with hats made of household objects and garbage, constitute her commentary on the daring and imagination of the protesters.
Miriam Simun / Squeezing Out Every Last Drop

Miriam Simun / Squeezing Out Every Last Drop

The Non-Profit cultural organization Pantheon and Gerasimos Kappatos present the third season of the programme Art Professionals-In-Athens Residency, which is centred upon the production and exhibition of new work by American performer, Miriam Simun.

  • tbex

    Athens, March 6th, 2014


    City of Athens: TBEX 2014, the biggest gathering of travel bloggers και writers worldwide, will take place in Athens

  • th

    Travellers planning a trip to Athens, are encouraged to apply online for a "This is My Athens" personal "showing around town" with an Athens Local. Go beyond the traditional guide book sights and places of interest. Let an Athenian take you to that special neighborhood bakery, or show you some great neighborhoods along the Southern coast and the breathtaking promenades.

  • Plaka

    With its undisputable charm, this area is one of the most frequented by visitors and natives alike. Plaka's winding pathways carry thousands of years of history. Walk amongst the buildings whose facades are dressed in 19th century neoclassical design and architecture. Dine at one or several of its restaurants. And explore the ancient monuments, contemporary museums and traditional souvenir shops throughout.

  • Monastiraki

    Its befitting that this monument the center of commercial and business life in ancient times would later give rise to the buzzing shopping district that surrounds it today. Of course, Monastiraki does not compare to the milieu of the ancient agora, but it still continues to inspire those who live, work and visit the area.

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